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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which roofing contractor to choose?

Here are some things to look for:

  • Insurance coverage

    • Price Roofing is licensed, insured and bonded for our customers’ protection.

  • Make sure the contractor is licensed

    • Price Roofing is licensed with RCAT and with The City of Amarillo.

  • Certifications

    • Price Roofing is certified to install several different types of roofing products including CertainTeed and GAF.

  • Reviews – overall star rating and number of reviews 

  • See if the company is a part of the Better Business Bureau and check their rating

    • Price Roofing has an A+ rating with the BBB of the Texas Panhandle and was awarded with the Torch Award for Ethics in Small Business.

  • Check how much experience they have (BBB will list the date when the company was founded – homeowners should look for 5+ years)

    • Price Roofing has been a member of the BBB since 1995 and has been in business for 45 years.

  • See if they have a physical office that you can visit – this means they are most likely not a storm chaser

    • Price Roofing has been physically located in Amarillo since 1978.

Is it worth upgrading to a Class 4?

It depends. What is the return on that investment going to look like? Sometimes upgrading to a Class 4 makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t make sense. Look at it from an economical perspective and a practical standpoint. Premium savings is something to discuss with your insurance agent. Will upgrading to a Class 4 add value to your home? Price Roofing is more than happy to assist you in the decision and process. It is a large investment and we want what is best for you and the situation you are in at the time of your roof replacement.

How long does it take to complete a roof replacement project?

To do the actual replacement, the majority of our customers who have 35 squares or less have theirs completed in a day. It may take longer if you have a large or steep roof.

What should be included in a roof inspection?

A roof inspection should include clear communication of damage and problem areas supported by thorough documentation and photos.

What causes a roof leak?

In the Texas Panhandle, the most common ways that a roof gets damaged is by a hail storm or high winds. Hail can weaken your roof and cause subsequent water entry. High winds cause flying debris or falling tree limbs to hit your roof. Shingle loss is also common in our notorious high winds. If not repaired, these events can cause significant damage to the interior of your home in the way of wood rot, mold and bubbling in your drywall and ceiling caused by moisture. 


Other common causes of leaks are flashing that has pulled away from the home, vents that have been damaged, silicone caulking that dries out over time (usually silicone lasts 3-5 years), chimney caps and flashing around the chimney. With our climate and clayey soils, settling is inevitable and that can contribute to some of these issues.

When I stand in my yard and look at my roof, I can’t see any damage. Are you sure I need a new roof?

Hail damage is very small and can be impossible to see from your yard. You may indeed not have damage that requires a repair or replacement, but because of the significant damage it can cause to your home, it is good to have a professional come by and assess your roof after a hail storm or high winds.

Other contractors said they can cover my deductible - can you do that?

Paying a homeowner’s insurance deductible is illegal as of September 2019. It comes with a Class B Misdemeanor for both the homeowner and the contractor (whether the homeowner was ignorant to the contractor’s actions or not). It can also come with 180 days in jail and a fine of $2000, also for both the homeowner and the contractor. So, no, we do not cover deductibles! Anyone who selfishly misleads you is putting you at risk. We want to protect our customers, not subject them to any unnecessary risks.

What makes Price Roofing different?

We have been in business for 45 years and are one of the few long-standing roofing companies in the area.  We are licensed by the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas. Our certifications include BBB Accredited Business with an A+ Rating, recipient of the 2020 Torch Award for Ethics in Small Business Award and Texas Panhandle Roofing Contractors Association members. We do the right thing every time. Even if this means losing a customer. We would rather walk away from a situation knowing that we did what was right and ethical than break the rules, or even the law just to get a roofing job. Violating the law and code of ethics puts the customer at risk, and that is something we never want to do.   

What type of warranty does Price Roofing provide and what does it cover?

Price Roofing has a 7-year workmanship warranty. This is separate from the manufacturer warranty and covers problems associated with installation and labor. Price Roofing uses top quality products and shingles that have the best manufacturers’ warranty, but as with anything, there are issues that can arise during the manufacturing process. When this happens, Price Roofing will, on your behalf, initiate the replacement process with the manufacturer. Sometimes, this entails providing some written and photo documentation, but more often it will require sample collection and submission to the company’s lab for analysis. We will facilitate that entire process on the behalf of the customer, if they ever find themselves in a situation with defective shingles.

What’s the best ventilation for my home?

Every home is unique. It depends on the overall volume of space in your attic. Strive for equal amounts of intake and outtake. If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out, we’d be happy to help! There are a lot of different options from static vents (non moving) like slant back vents all the way up to solar power attic vents that are equipped with a thermostat.

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