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Commercial Roofing Services

Price Roofing is your commercial roof repair and roof replacement expert. We strive for customer satisfaction during all phases of the project. We will ensure that your roofing system is tailored to your unique situation and will work within your budget to complete your project efficiently and on time.

Roofing Repair and Replacement

The last thing you need to worry about with your business is the roof over your head. Let us take that burden and give you a free assessment periodically to stay ahead of potential problems.


Modern roofing materials and sealants allow for year round commercial roof repair and replacement in the Texas Panhandle. Call us for a free analysis and estimate on repair or replacement. If you are experiencing a leaky roof, we would be happy to conduct a water test to locate the source of water entry in order to make sure money spent is to fix the actual problem the first time.  Be sure to ask us about a No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty and our retrofit roofing systems!

Roofing Inspection

If you are looking at a building for your business, we can inspect the roof for you! It’s better to know ahead of time if there will be repair costs associated with the property. Also, the storms in Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle can be devastating and sometimes destroy your roof. If you need your roof assessed after a storm, we can do that too. Oftentimes, our commercial customers need their roof brought up to code. We will work with the city where your building is located to ensure moisture tests are conducted. We will also provide several options regarding insulation to make sure the required R value is met or exceeded.

Roofing Installation

Whether you need to repair a small leak or require a complete replacement, Price Roofing has the training, skills, materials and service to get you what you need for your business. Building your business property from scratch? We can work with your general contractor to guarantee that you are getting what you need. Some issues such as missing shingles and leaks may be easily noticed, while other issues may be difficult to notice without an inspection. If leaks, missing shingles and other issues are left untreated, they can lead to more costly and time-consuming damage such as serious water damage to your ceilings, walls and flooring. 


It can also be dangerous to conduct your own roof assessment. Price Roofing will safely conduct a roof assessment at no charge. We can inspect your roof so that you can focus on running your business. We recommend hiring professionals to conduct these roof checks for your safety. 


Why have businesses all over the Texas Panhandle been trusting Price Roofing since 1978? We stay up to date on the most current commercial roofing manufacturers’ products and installation techniques. We are ready to repair or replace any type of roof with any type of material on any project, regardless of size.

Manufacturer Product Information

We use top-quality materials and systems that add value and further protect your business property. Many of our industry-leading products are backed with a lifetime warranty, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. Ask us about our lifetime warranty roofing systems.


Our roofing craftsmanship is built on 45 years of industry experience. We work on all

types of roofing systems. Price Roofing is experienced with all brand name



We also provide custom TPO work. We are able to install colored, ribbed membranes and systems that even look like metal panels if that is the look you are after. We also do retrofits via metal over metal and flute fill systems (TPO installed over metal). There are many possibilities and we like doing them all!


The commercial roofing market is constantly changing. Keeping up with current energy efficiency regulations and installation requirements is important to our customers and staff; and therefore, is a priority for us. We consider the warranty along with project scope of work when proposing a product so our customer ends up with the best roof for their overall situation. Ask us about our No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty. This is delivered to our customers by working in conjunction with the product manufacturer to design and install their product. The process is completed when their representative inspects and approves our workmanship.


We want to provide our customers with the best roof and service on the market; therefore, we focus on using products that offer more durability, energy efficiency and curb appeal. This commitment requires constant training and updating for our knowledgeable sales staff and installers.

Preferred Manufacturers

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