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Fall Roof Maintenance 101

Who wants to think about roof maintenance when there are pumpkins to carve and turkey to be eaten? It is the last thing on everyone's mind! It is important to keep gutters and valleys clear of debris to protect your roof and home. Trees shed their leaves and smaller dead branches when cooler weather sets in and can fill your gutters to the brim. Full gutters keep moisture from having a place to go. Water flow can become blocked and cause your roof to leak. This can lead to water damage behind your soffit and fascia, causing mold and mildew. Keeping your gutters free from debris can extend the longevity of your roof.

During the spring and summer months, when tree branches are bearing the weight of leaves, you may notice branches rubbing your roof. After your trees shed, you can get a good look at shingles to see if they're damaged or missing any granules. Call Price Roofing for a free inspection of your roof. We do not recommend getting up on a ladder if you are by yourself or don't have experience getting up onto a roof, especially if you have a steeper roof. Always play it safe and call a professional!


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